30-44-FDS-SC-Formalin-Dispensing-Station-652x1024If not handled with the proper care and attention, formalin can be hazardous to all personal. Formalin dispensing stations from TBJ make dispensing and collecting hazardous chemicals such as formalin easy and safe. TBJ formalin dispensing stations are designed to provide a safe, ventilated means for dispensing formalin. Additionally, they collect used formalin into a collection carboy for disposal purposes. TBJ formalin dispensing stations utilize a combination of backdraft and downdraft ventilation that protect personnel from exposure during formalin dispensing and collection of waste formalin. We have different options that aim to cater to facilities big and small.



Formalin Dispensing Station Model 30-44 FDS-BP

Formalin Dispensing Station Model 30-44 FDS-DC

Formalin Dispensing Station Model 30-44 FDS-SC

Formalin Dispensing Station Model 36-60 FDS DD