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Stainless Steel Shelving

Stainless-Steel-Shelving1TBJ’s stainless steel shelving affords versatility throughout your facility. We have fixed height and adjustable height stainless steel shelves that help consolidate and organize your workspace. We have 12’’ and 16’’ widths available and lengths ranging from 24’’ to 120’’ in 4’’ increments. We’re almost certain you will be able to find the perfect shelf for every room. If you cannot, we will customize one for you with your desired length and width. It is important to note that the load weight for each storage shelf varies depending on the number of wall brackets and adjustable rails used. Including sterile supplies, instrument trays, containers, and more, our stainless steel shelves are great for general storage.



Wall Mounted Shelving – Fixed Height

Wall Mounted Shelving – Adjustable Height