TBJ offers a wide variety of surgical lighting to fit your facility’s needs and budget. From wall and ceiling mounted veterinary surgical lights to veterinary halogen and LED task lights, we have a large selection. A shadow-free beam brightens every crevice and makes work easier and operations smoother. Our veterinary surgical lights bend or twist according to the task at hand to illuminate even the hardest-to-reach areas. Don’t just use any light; operating or working under a dim or unreliable light can prove to be a critical—if not fatal—mistake. Shop surgical lighting at TBJ Inc. and work with a light you can depend on. All of our lights are CSA/UL certified and have been lighting the way for veterinary professionals for over three decades.



Veterinary surgical lighting options.

Dome Light

Ceiling Mounted Dome Surgery Light

Mobile Dome Surgery Light

Wall Mounted Surgery Light – Dome Light

Spot Light

Combination Surgery Light

Wall Mounted Surgery Light – Spot Light