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Specialty Stainless Steel Casework and Equipment

Our Specialty Stainless Steel Casework and Equipment product line includes a complete line of standard and custom stainless steel casework including base cabinets, wall cabinets, hand wash sinks, lab sinks, vented and non-vented tall storage cabinets, stainless steel shelving, mobile and stationary work tables, custom fixed and mobile storage carts and cabinets for many diverse applications. Also included in this product group is our broad line of pass-through cabinets for use in a wide variety of applications including clean rooms, BSL facilities and hospitals. If you have a custom configuration you are interested in, please contact TBJ.

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CabinetTBJ’s line of stainless steel storage cabinets provide storage for a variety of purposes. Styles include tall storage cabinets, under counter cabinets, and wall mounted cabinets. Options include glass doors, solid stainless steel doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors. Our unique High Density Storage System can increase storage space by as much as 100% as compared to conventional fixed cabinets.

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Work-TableTBJ has a broad range of standard and custom stainless steel work tables designed specifically for the laboratory environment. Tables are available with adjustable leveling feet for stationary use or with swivel casters with brakes for mobile usage. A wide variety of options such as drawers, height adjustment, electrical outlets and shelving are available.

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Pharmacy-Pass-Through-2-e1420419716850TBJ Pass-Through Cabinets provide a means for the easy and efficient transfer of items and instruments to and from a clean environment while minimizing cross contamination from opening doors. They also eliminate the volume of unnecessary traffic through the clean area and allow positive pressure in the clean area to be maintained.

TBJ Pass-Through Cabinets are available in either wall mounted or free standing floor mounted styles. Floor mount pass through cabinets permit carts and larger items to enter the clean area, while wall mounted models facilitate the easy transfer of materials through a chamber installed in the wall at a comfortable and convenient standing height. TBJ features a wide range of standard size pass through cabinets as well as special custom sizes designed for your specific applications.

All of our pass-through cabinets feature rugged, heavy duty stainless steel construction and are designed for long lasting durability, easy cleaning and a high quality appearance. Available features include safety interlocks, vent connections, adjustable shelves, VHP disinfection options and solid doors in lieu of windowed doors to name a few.

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ShelvesTBJ manufactures a variety of Personal Protection Equipment storage solutions for hospitals, labs and research facilities for the organized storage of disposable protective coveralls, gloves, goggles, facemasks, foot covers and hair covers. We offer a range of storage equipment options including compartmentalized floor standing and wall mounted stainless steel cabinets, wall mounted stainless steel gowning bins and modular pull-out polycarbonate bins with stainless steel slides and support shelves.

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