TBJ offers a wide variety of ergonomic ventilated small animal surgery workstations designed to control, capture and exhaust waste anesthesia gases to protect technicians and keep exposure limits well below NIOSH recommended limits. Available in both backdraft and downdraft designs, workstations can be equipped with numerous options including adjustable scavenging arms, height adjustment, GFCI outlets, LED surgery lights, storage drawers, pullout Mayo tray, integral vaporizer and casters for portability.

Animal Surgery Table Model 31-60 BD-SC-AH VST

The TBJ Model 30-60 BD-AH-SC is a compact, self-contained vented small animal surgery table that includes an integral blower and filter module to eliminate the need to connect to a remote exhaust source. The filter media can be customized to control and treat fumes from chemicals such as formalin and anesthesia gases. The filter module can also be equipped with a HEPA filter. The unit as shown includes the optional push-button height adjustment feature.


  • Overall dimensions: 31" x 60" x 68 3/8" high with a 32-40" high work surface
  • 23" x 60" wide work surface.
  • Exhaust blower module with ON/OFF blower speed control
  • 115V, 1 PH 60 HZ, 15 amps

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