TBJ offers a self-contained downdraft workstation that include and internal fan and filtering system when it isn’t practical or possible to connect to a building exhaust source. Self-contained units can be supplied with charcoal, potassium permanganate and HEPA filters. Units can be portable or stationary.

Self-contained Downdraft Workstation Model 30-96-S DD-SC

The TBJ Model 30-96-S-DD-SC downdraft workstation is a self-contained system that includes an integral blower and filter module to eliminate the need to connect to a remote exhaust source. The filter media can be customized to control and treat fumes from chemicals such as formalin and anesthesia gases. The filter module can also be equipped with a HEPA filter.


  • Overall dimensions: 30" wide x 96" x 37" high work surface 26" wide x 55" downdraft work area.
  • Spray gun, flush manifold, sink with hot/cold water faucet standard

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