TBJ offers a self-contained downdraft workstation that include and internal fan and filtering system when it isn’t practical or possible to connect to a building exhaust source. Self-contained units can be supplied with charcoal, potassium permanganate and HEPA filters. Units can be portable or stationary.

Mobile Downdraft Workstation Model 32-26 DD-SC-M

he TBJ Model 32-26 DD-SC-M mobile downdraft workstation includes a self-contained blower/filter module to eliminate the need to connect to a building exhaust source. Various filter types including potassium permanganate, activated charcoal and HEPA are available. The table is shown here with the optional adjustable snorkel arm that enables users to locate additional point of use exhaust ventilation at locations such as the induction box or nose cone. The optional halogen exam light is also shown on the table.


  • Overall table dimensions are 28" wide x 34" deep x 30" high work surface. Two hinged fold down shelves designed to provide additional non-vented work area increases the width to 52 1/2" in the up position.
  • 22" x 18" perimeter downdraft work area
  • 28" wide under counter storage shelf
  • 4" diameter swivel casters with brakes

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