Painlessly put rodents to rest with an automated euthanasia machine. Euthanasia machines from TBJ Inc. offer a humane, precise, and repeatable method for ending animal suffering. Our systems are designed specifically for rodent euthanasia and adhere to the current guidelines. These easy- to-use devices afford a brief, patented multi-step process that prolongs narcosis and reduces duress to an absolute minimum. The device first works by injecting an undetectable amount of carbon dioxide into the cage to render the animal unconscious. Once the animal enters a state of complete narcosis, CO2 is increased until passing. The entire process takes roughly 4 minutes to complete. This is rodent euthanasia done quickly, done painlessly, and done right.



Euthanasia Machine Model REM-1


  • Patented Multi-Step system for the humane euthanasia of rodents
  • The Multi-Step approach maximizes narcosis while minimizing duress
  • Comply with newly revised AVMA guidelines on euthanasia
  • Provides push-button control with reliable, consistent results every time
  • 4-step process takes only 4 minutes to complete

4-Step Process:

  • Step 1" Automatically injects approximately 20% CO2 into the cage without the animal detecting the change (approximate duration 30 to 45 seconds)
  • Step 2" Timed"wait time" of approximately 20 seconds. Steps 1 and 2 maximize narcosis control while minimizing duress.
  • Step 3" Automatically injects more CO2 to bring the cage volume up to approximately 90% and creates an uninhabitable environment (approximate cycle duration is 60 seconds)
  • Step 4" Wait time to insure irreversible euthanasia (approximate cycle duration is 120 seconds)

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