30-48-NVNT-AH-Necropsy-Table-999x1024-960x1000TBJ has a wide variety of non-vented dissection/ necropsy tables. Our non-vented dissection and necropsy tables are economical units that are ideal for necropsy procedures where odor containment, aerosols, and vapors are not of significant concern. Our hydraulic tables, however, are designed for use with larger animals and are available with a wide variety of table top configurations and have weight thresholds from 500 to 6,000lbs. If you do not see a standard model autopsy table that fits your needs we are able to manufacture custom tables that align with the requirements of your facility. Contact us today for more information.    

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Our Large Animal Hydraulic Necropsy Tables are designed to provide a workstation for large animal necropsies and surgeries. Lift capacities are available from 500 lbs. to 6000 lbs. Hydraulic lift mechanisms can be a heavy duty, single acting, industrial type hydraulic cylinder or a scissor lift design. Table tops are available in rectangular and kidney shape designs and overall sizes can be customized around your specific needs.

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TBJ’s Non-vented necropsy tables are an economical table for use with small and medium size animals where exposure to chemicals and odors are not a concern. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes starting at 48” long all the way up to 120” long. A wide variety of optional features enable you to customize the table around your exact needs.