TBJ’s Water bottle filling stations allow for quick and precise filling of cased bottles. Our available design options include hand-held, wall-mounted, and floor-standing models. These units can be designed for manual, foot pedal, or timer controlled push-button operation. We offer manual or automatic options to fit the preferences for you and your facility. Refilling multiple bottles to a precise measurement one-by-one can be a chore and consume precious time. Make accurately refilling bottles a quick, simultaneous, process with bottle filling stations from TBJ. Browse our online catalog today and call us if you have questions regarding a custom order or if you would like further information regarding our water bottle filling stations in general. When it comes to high-quality products you can trust, look no further than TBJ.



Water Bottle Filler Model WBF-SMD

The Solution Mixing and Dispensing System Water Bottle Filler is a complete packaged module designed to provide batch lots of accurately mixed acidified water solutions at desired concentrations for dispensing into animal water bottles. Acid is added and mixed automatically to provide batch lots of solution with a pH range from 2 to 10. In operation, the system injects measured quantities of acid into a holding tank of water while simultaneously mixing and monitoring the solution until the desired pH has been obtained. The system incorporates a unique"go","no go" feature the will not allow the acidified water solution to be dispensed until the specific set point pH has been achieved. Once the set point pH has been achieved, acid injection ceases but the solution holding tank continues mixing to prevent solution stratification and assure a uniform pH throughout. A handheld bottle filling manifold is included to fill a basket full of bottles simultaneously. The solution pH is continuously indicated on the pH controller display.