BSS-2DD-SC-Bedding-Scrapping-Station-1-890x1024 Make animal waste management and bedding replacement quick and easy with bedding scrapping stations from TBJ. Replacing soiled material has never been this simple. Our inventory offers compact, economical, and ventilated bedding scrapping stations. Models are designed to attach to building exhaust connections or for use as self-contained units with internal blower and filter modules. Dust, dander, and particulates are ventilated around the work area and scrapping grid while the removable and washable filter captures debris and waste. Keep your facility sanitary and increase effectiveness by shopping one of our many different options. We have single and double bedding scrapping stations designs for all your animal waste management needs. Our bio-economical products will not only help fight against workplace contamination, but they’ll also reduce gross facility costs.



Downdraft Bedding Scrapping Station Model BSS-2DD-TW

Downdraft Bedding Scrapping Station is a double station downdraft bedding scrapping station that is designed to attach to the front end of a tunnel washer so that bedding material can be scrapped as cages are loaded onto the end of the tunnel washer. The unit is designed to connect to a building exhaust source or it can be supplied with blower/HEPA filter module as shown in photos 2 and 3 below.


  • Type 304 stainless steel construction
  • In-line removable, washable filter
  • 6" x 20" duct connection or self-contained blower/filter system
  • Overall dimensions: 53" x 24" x 40" high work surface.

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