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Life Sciences Equipment

Start browsing our Life Science equipment from TBJ Inc. Our catalog includes products for facilities with research vivariums. This includes, but is not limited to, bio-medical research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech companies, colleges, and university research laboratories. You’ll also find Life Science equipment for clinical applications such as hospital pathology labs, history labs, and morgues, as well as college and university anatomy teaching labs. Regardless of the application, our team of experts is here to accommodate the needs of your facility. All of our Life Science equipment is made to order and designed around each customers own unique specifications. Many examples can be found by browsing our product guide. With quality like no other, trust the brand that research professionals have relied on for over three decades.

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Animal Care EquipmentSurgical EquipmentWorkstations and TablesSterilizers
Bedding-DispenserTBJ manufactures a wide variety of animal care equipment designed specifically for vivariums.

  • Bedding Dispensers
  • Bedding Scraping Stations
  • Bottle Baskets and Dollies
  • Water Bottle Fillers
  • Isolation Cabinets
  • Transportation Cages

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Wall-Mounted-Surgical-Spot-LightWe offer a wide variety of accessories for use with our tables and workstations including surgical lights, heated surgery boards and small animal euthanasia systems.

  • Euthanasia
  • Temperature Control / Temperature Recovery
  • Lighting

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Non-ventilated-Necropsy-TableWe offer a wide variety of workstations and tables.

  • Downdraft Workstations
  • Backdraft Workstations
  • Dual Draft Workstations
  • Grossing Stations
  • Necropsy Tables
  • Surgery Tables
  • Hydraulic Surgery Tables
  • Animal Surgery Tables

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    At MATACHANA GROUP total solutions are provided total for equipping research facilities with vivariums at universities, biosafety laboratories and bio-tech companies. The study and proposals are tailored to the needs of each center, bearing in mind at all times the optimization and highest efficiency in the results

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