1A-Push-button-height-adjustmentTBJ sterile processing work sinks are available with a wide variety of optional features. Our sink options enable you to customize a work sink around your specific needs. With years of experience in manufacturing hospital and laboratory equipment, trust TBJ Inc. for high-quality product design that goes above expectation. Our unique optional accessories for our stainless steel sinks have established the new industry criterion. By browsing our sink options you will find accessible features that include integrated ultrasonic sink bowl, hydro-force automatic pre-rinse, scope pre-cleaning systems, push-button height adjustment, etched gallon markings and much more.



Enzymatic Foam Spray System

All TBJ SPD work sinks can be equipped with an optional integrated foaming enzymatic spray system. The enzymatic solution is specially designed to create a thick, foaming enzymatic spray that quickly breaks down bio-burden thus allowing the operator to clean instruments faster and more effectively. The foam adheres to the instruments and continues to reduce and eliminate bio-burden until rinsed away. The foaming solution is more effective than typically liquid spray enzyme solutions.


  • The foaming enzymatic spray is applied to instruments via the hand-held foam applicator.
  • Once applied, the solution works immediately and continues to reduce bio-burden until rinsed away in the sink after a brief period of exposure to surgical instruments.
  • The complete foaming enzymatic spray system including the enzymatic foam solutions container is housed conveniently out of the way under the work sink.