Reprocessing Sink Model SPD 30-48-1B-HF-AH-WS

The TBJ Model 30-48-1B-HF-AH-WS SPD work sink is specifically designed for use in sterile processing departments for the pre-cleaning of grossly soiled surgical instruments, utensils and other miscellaneous items prior to automated washing/disinfection cycles. The unit includes the unique TBJ Hydro-Force system that recirculates the sink water under pump pressure to create a gentle turbulence to automatically reduce bio-burden on surgical instruments. This is an excellent stand-alone unit to work in conjunction with existing sinks to increase through put and reduce labor. The heated sink option also make this a great unit for processing robotic instruments at recommended soak times without tying up your main sink.


  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic push-button height adjustment of sink top
  • One 28” x 16” x 10 ½”” deep sink bowl
  • Hospital grade, chrome plated deck mounted hot/cold faucet
  • Hydro-force system including ON/OFF switch, cycle timer, ¾ HP pump and re-circulation manifolds.
  • An optional automatic sink fill system can be supplied to provide push-button filling to a pre-determined water level.
  • Optional sink bowl heating with thermostatic control can be provided to maintain water temperature at a pre-determined level.
  • An OPTIONAL deck mounted Selecta water spray pistol can be located at the center sink.
  • An OPTIONAL deck mounted Selecta air pistol shall be located at the right sink.

PDF Information Sheet

View the following 6 videos below: Automatic Sink Bowl Filling, Ultrasonic Sink Bowl, Hydro-Force System, Heated Sink Bowl, Height Adjustment, Work Sink Options.