Wall Mounted Shelving – Adjustable Height

The TBJ SSWS series Stainless Steel Adjustable Shelving is designed to provide open storage that can easily be adjusted and configured around your specific needs. The shelving system consists of stainless steel wall rails that mount to the wall, stainless steel shelf brackets that simply pressure fit the wall rails which can then be adjusted to any height. The bracket is firmly secured via a threaded stainless steel screws. Shelves are available in standard depths of 12” and 16” and there are (24) standard size shelf widths. Shelf rails come in (5) lengths from 20” long to 80” long. Rail lengths should be selected based upon the number of shelves to be installed and to allow useful space between multiple shelves. Typical lengths are as follows: (1) shelf – 20” rails, (2) shelves – 32” rails, (3) shelves – 40” rails, (4) shelves – 60” rails and (5) shelves – 80” rails. The recommended number of rails and shelf brackets based upon shelf width are as follows: 12” to 60” wide shelves – (2) rails and (2) brackets. For 64” to 116” – (3) rails and (3) brackets.

PDF Wall Mounted Shelving – Adjustable Height 12" Depth
PDF Wall Mounted Shelving – Adjustable Height 16" Depth