Pass-Through Cabinet Model SPD 24-24-24 NV-PTC

The TBJ Model PT 24-24-24 NV Pass-Through Chamber is designed to provide a true pass through system that prevents cross contamination of air from the SPD decontamination side to the clean side of the sterile processing department. The 2-door system incorporates a door interlock system that allows only one door to be open at a time thus preventing open air flow from one room to the other.


  • The chamber shall have overall dimensions of 30”wide x 30” high x 26.5” deep
  • The inside chamber dimensions shall be 24” wide x 24” high x 24” deep
  • The chamber shall have (2) hinged stainless steel doors with a gasketed laminated safety glass window
  • Each door shall have (2) positive locking cam type latches to assure a tight door seal when closed
  • Each door shall include (2) stainless steel heavy duty hinges
  • The chamber shall include a mechanical door interlock that allows only one door to be opened at a time and thus reduce the amount of air that can be passed between rooms
  • The chamber shall be constructed primarily of 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel construction with a #4 finish. All welds shall be heliarc. All exposed welds shall be ground and polished. The internal chamber shall be seamlessly and continuously welded
  • An optional wall mount support kit shall be included to support the chamber from one side of the wall
  • An optional fixed or adjustable shelf is available to increase the through-put capacity

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